Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

We are an elementary JK-8 Christian school in Toronto, Ontario. We serve approximately 160 students whose parents desire a Christ-centred education.

Parents and children are front and centre in the way we run and administer our school. The school is governed by a Board comprised of association members, most of whom have children in the school.

Our teachers, our Board and its Committees, our students and their parents, are operating on a model wherein the church, the home, and the school are all working together. It is important to us at TCS that we support, in our classroom teaching, what the parents are teaching at home and what all of us are seeking to express in our church life.

Purpose: Our purpose is to assist Christian parents in providing a Christ-centred education in a caring environment where the focus is developing the academic abilities and talents of children for a life of service to God and their community.

Mission: Our mission is to educate and engage students for a life of service in Christ’s kingdom.

Vision: Timothy Christian School strives to ensure that children will be grounded in God’s Word and challenged to achieve academic excellence as they prepare to use their gifts and abilities effectively to follow God’s plan for their lives.

We are a Christian school. We are engaged in a voyage of discovery, searching for evidences of God’s handiwork in all facets of creation. We are also called to be responsible stewards of his Creation.

At TCS, we are engaged in providing those tools of spiritual discernment which will enable our students to become active contributing Ambassadors of Christ to our world.

In His Service,
Marg Lise