It is important to develop open communication between the parents and the teachers so that we can foster the trust relationship necessary for good learning to take place. The following procedures are designed to enhance such communication.

Welcome BBQ

During the first week of school, all family and friends are invited to a get-acquainted BBQ. Hamburgers, hot dogs and refreshments are available and participants are encouraged to chat and mingle with everyone present, especially the new families. Donations welcome.

Weekly Newsreel

The TCS Newsreel is the school’s weekly newsletter. This keeps parents informed of assignments, classroom news, upcoming events, and community news and prayer requests.

Timothy News

The Timothy News is published two times a year. It keeps parents and members informed of ongoing events and issues in the school community.

On this website you will find standard school information as well as the weekly Newsreel and updates posted regularly.

Report Cards

Report Cards are issued three times a year, in November, March and June. They indicate student progress, and include a curriculum summary of work completed for the term.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are held in October and March. Time slots are available for both the afternoon and evenings. These conferences are very important in the development of good relations between the home and school, and we strongly encourage both parents to attend. If parents cannot attend the scheduled times, they are asked to arrange other meeting times with the teachers. Teachers will call parents throughout the year when they see a need to discuss a problem concerning a child.

Grievance Procedures

TCS encourages parents to be closely involved in their children's education and welcomes regular contact between parents and the school. We believe that a clear understanding of the proper procedure for settling differences that may arise will enhance home and school relationships. Following the biblical principle established in Matthew 18, parental concerns must first be addressed to the individual involved. For example, if the concern involves a teacher, the teacher is contacted first, then the principal. There may be times when parents need to contact the principal directly. Only if the concern remains unresolved after the principal's intervention should the concern be addressed to the education committee in writing.