How To Support Timothy Christian School

How To Support Timothy Christian School

Tuition fees provide most of the finances that allow Timothy Christian School to continue to offer a nurturing, mentally stimulating environment for the children of Christian families.

To cover the difference between the tuition costs and the full cost of education, we conduct fund-raising events throughout the year. We cut costs through volunteer work done by parents and others in our Christian community.

We also appreciate any donations, whether small or substantial, that are made by those who want to support our mission. If you are willing to stand with us to help sustain the vision of an educational facility where the Lord Jesus Christ is honoured while young minds are challenged and developed,

  1. Pray for our staff, our community and the families that desire to join us.
  2. Contact us for opportunities to use your skills on a volunteer basis.
  3. Participate in our Certificate / Gift Card Program. It's how we raise funds without anyone spending extra money.
  4. Donate to the ongoing work at TCS via PayPal. Click the PayPal button below.

Thank you for your support.