Timothy Christian School is a community of students, parents and staff. We work together to ensure that children are encouraged in their faith while we cultivate engaged minds and bodies. To ensure that Timothy Christian School is the right fit for your family, the following guidelines outline the requirements for the admission of TCS students:

  1. Eligible children must be four years old for JK or five years old for SK by December 31of the school year applied for, or be of suitable age for the grade assigned. Grade placement will be determined by the Administration taking into account the psychological, social, emotional and academic abilities of the child. Transfers students should not be a dismissal or discipline case from another school.

  2. All applicants for enrolment must first meet with the principal. This ensures that the school can meet the needs of the child and allows the parents to take a tour of the school and ask questions regarding the program of studies

  3. Applicants must be members of a Christian church, and must sincerely desire a Christian education, not just a private education. No child shall be excluded from enrolment at Timothy on the grounds of race, colour or national origin. An interview with the prospective family should affirm the families desire to:

    1. Obtain a Christ-centered education for their children

    2. Share responsibility of the educational process with TCS staff

    3. Become a part of the school community and participate in its activities

General Admission Procedures

  1. Call 416.741.5770 for an appointment to see the Principal.

  2. Interview with the Principal, bringing with you:
    •School records
    •Complete application forms
    •A complete reference letter from the pastor of your church

  3. Appointment is scheduled for testing of prospective student, if necessary.

  4. Interview with Admissions Committee.

  5. Board approval of Admissions Committee recommendation.

  6. Admission to School.

For admission procedures and tuition fees for Visa students, please contact the school.

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