The primary goal of the Christian day school is to help students grow into independent people so they can serve God according to His word and are able and willing to employ all their talents to the honour of God and for the well-being of people in their community in every area of life in which they are placed by God.

This central goal will guide students to:

  • Deepen their commitment to love God,
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding necessary to fulfill their calling effectively in modern society,
  • Discover and develop particular gifts and talents,
  • Train and discipline those skills and attitudes necessary for satisfaction and productivity in the world of work and/or advanced levels of schooling,
  • Develop awareness of themselves as learners able to adapt knowledge, skills, and attitudes to the ordinary tasks of life,
  • Acquire competencies for responsible living as adults, including the sensitivity and skills necessary for effective communication,
  • Follow the norms for good health and physical fitness,
  • Develop abilities of perception and judgement in moral and ethical matters,
  • Mature as Christian persons in relation to God, self, others, and the environment,
  • Acquire appreciation for the customs, habits and beliefs of other faith communities, ethnic groups, and other cultures.

(From the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools)

Timothy Christian School’s commitment to achieve the above goals for Christian education as suggested by the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools is reflected in its curriculum.

As such, all subjects are taught from a Christian point of view: Bible, Church History, Math, Language Arts, French, Social Studies, Science, Health, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Computers. Following are examples of this:

Biology and astronomy is studied from the understanding that the Lord created plants, animals, the sun, moon and stars. The arts are an expression of our appreciation for God’s creation. The physical sciences investigate the structure of the physical universe as fashioned by God’s Word of power (Hebrews 11:3).

The life sciences study the wonderful diversity, construction and function of God’s creatures and their interaction with each other. The social sciences and language arts examine the ways in which the Lord intends human beings to relate to one another.

Historical studies explore the ways in which cultures have observed or disregarded God’s will. The arts provide opportunities to respond to the beauty and design built into creation by the Creator himself. Bible study in the Christian school teaches students about God’s special revelation, and also deepens their sensitivity to God’s revelation in creation (Ps. 36:9).

TCS is an elementary school with a program that seeks to lead students into an ever increasing knowledge of God’s wonderful creation, helping them to understand and marvel at its unity, diversity and coherence and teaching them to follow Christ and to counter the forces of sin and evil wherever they are encountered.

It should be noted that TCS’ program does not intend to insulate or shelter students from the realities of contemporary culture. Rather, we seek to enable students to critically and discerningly judge culture and to be obedient to the Lord in all areas of life.

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