Extra Curricular

Extra Curricular


Students in grades 5-8 have the opportunity to try out for team sports such as volleyball, soccer, & basketball with the added benefit of participating in tournaments. The cross-country running team can include participants from grades 4 & up. Team members participate in one meet in October.

Students are expected to keep up their academic performance and to behave according to our school’s standards. If a team member’s performance is falling behind, or if his/her behaviour is unacceptable, the classroom or subject teacher will speak to the coach who, in turn, will speak to the individual student. Failure to improve and comply may result in dismissal from the team.

The TCS annual track and field day is held in May. Top students of the various events represent our school at the Toronto District Christian Track and Field Day held in late May.

Christmas Program

One of the highlights of the year is Timothy’s annual Christmas program; music, art, and drama are used to give praise to God.

Spirit Activities

Teachers organize special days and activities for the student body. Grade 7/8 students help run all these different events.


Our library is presently divided among the many classrooms as we needed to use the room for a classroom. Once construction is complete we look forward to having our library in full use again.

The Science Fair

Every other year the school has a Science Fair. Students in grades 1 – 8 are required to work on a science fair project. Parents are invited to an open house to see the science fair displays.

Wednesday Chapel

Most Wednesday mornings, staff and students gather together in the gym to share a time of devotions and praise to God. Once a month this time is spent learning more about our school theme. We also celebrate Christian holidays and once a month spend time learning and singing songs to our great God. Teachers take turns leading the assembly. Parents are invited to attend.

Parents That Pray

On Friday morning at the beginning of the day, a group of parents get together regularly to pray for the needs of the entire school community.

Pizza Days

Once or twice a month students have the opportunity to order pizza lunch and snacks at school. Pizza Days are hosted by grades 5 & 6. Funds raised go toward their class trip to Ste. Marie Among the Hurons.

One School

Thursday mornings our whole school comes together for devotions, singing and Reading Buddies. Students have the opportunity to encourage one another and develop friendships with children of different ages.

Grandparents and Friends Day

Each spring TCS organizes an open house for grandparents, seniors, & friends. Visitors mingle in the classrooms, enjoy a coffee social and attend a program in which the entire student body participates. It is truly a morning of celebration of God’s faithfulness from generation to generation.