About TCS

About TCS


praying.jpgTimothy Christian School is an independent elementary school serving the west Toronto Christian community. TCS opened its doors in 1958 when a group of parents from the regional Christian Reformed Churches, based on the model in their Dutch homeland, committed themselves to running a school where their Christian faith could be put into practice.

Since that time many students have graduated from Timothy, and some of those graduates are now sending their own children. TCS has grown from its early beginnings to include families from as many as forty-six different churches – parents who want their children taught in a school that acknowledges God as Creator and Jesus as Redeemer, and celebrates our Christian heritage.

logo2.gifThe TCS logo illustrates our commitment to Christian education; the hand holds the Bible, the basis of our school. All teachers employed by TCS are Christians, and are answerable to God first of all for their demonstrations of love, dedication, knowledge and effort.

They work hard with the talents and gifts (and limitations) God has given them to teach students to see the order and variety of God’s world, and to provide a sound, quality education which equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in today’s society. Timothy Christian works with the home and the church in helping children to live a life of discipleship to Jesus Christ.

We thank God for providing the faith, facilities, dedicated supporters, students and teachers that make Christian education possible at TCS, and we want to share our vision with you.

We want you to be part of the excitement, the commitment and the spiritual dimension that are a vital part of Timothy Christian School. We invite your participation in the exciting task of a parent directed, Christ-centred education.