The Kindergarten program focuses on developing children’s academic and social skills as they begin their school journey. To build a base for future learning, Timothy Christian School (TCS) provides a rich and stimulating environment in which students feel safe and secure. The primary focus of the program is the growth and development of the whole child.


TCS offers a compulsory Band Program in grades 6-8. A band handbook is given to all students. This contains a Band Materials Agreement, band class procedures, band class equipment, practice/homework requirements, grading procedures and guidelines for care and use of the instruments.




We have a newly upgraded computer lab. Students can access programs that are integrated into the curriculum. Students also learn keyboarding aswell as how to access and research information, learning how to exercise discernment in the process.



The Resource Program is an integral part of the complete educational program at TCS. The aim of the program is to build self-confidence and teach students the skills and strategies necessary to overcome and/or cope with learning difficulties, so that they too, can serve God and others to the best of their abilities.

Both teachers and parents may make referrals to the Resource Room. Students are scheduled in the Resource Program according to need and the time available.

The Resource Program has many components: the students, the parents, the teachers, the program, and the resources. All of these work together to help the students develop their talents, promote a feeling of self-acceptance and find their value as children of God.

The Resource Program offers the following services and programs:

  • Assessment/testing/diagnosis of learning strengths and weaknesses for all students in a variety of exceptionalities including slow learners, learning disabilities, gifted, emotional and behavioural.

  • Teaching individuals or small groups of students in the Resource Room.

  • Referrals to outside agencies and support services in the community such as speech therapy.

  • Information about a variety of special education topics and issues.



Students in SK participate annually in the Brigance general knowledge testing. Students in grades 1 through 8 participate in our MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing in the fall and spring. 

Students also participate in DRA (Developmental Reading Assessments) and Benchmarks testing on an annual basis.



Field studies are an important part of the curriculum. They require adult supervision and teachers will ensure that an adequate number of parents or other adults accompany their students. Parents are also asked to volunteer to drive students to their field studies destination.

Legal implications require the following practices:

  1. All students wear a seatbelt

  2. Only one student per seat belt

  3. Vans with a seating capacity of 9 passengers or less may be used

  4. No reimbursement will be paid to the driver

  5. A Booster seat is required for children 80lbs. and under, 4’9″ tall and under, or under 8 years old.

  6. Parents are asked to volunteer only if they are confident about the route followed.

  7. Those who do volunteer should have liability insurance coverage and a clean driving record. Buses will be used for long distances and when there are enough students to make it economically feasible. Public transit (bus, subway) is both safe and practical for downtown travel and will be used where possible.