My daughter has been attending TCS for the past three years. She loves her school and looks forward to attending every day. My family loves TCS because the teachers and staff are very friendly and approachable and they make sure that every child learns and excels... The prayer time every Friday is really good... It encourages me and helps to build my relationship with Jesus... I am glad that my daughter attends this fabulous school and that my family and I are a part of it.
— Wendy, TCS parent

TCS not only provides an excellent education that helped prepare my child for high school, but they also work together to further reinforce biblical values and lessons that I try to instil in my kids at home. It is truly a partnership between the school and the parents.
— Daniela, TCS parent

We are so thankful that our kids are able to go to a school where the name of Jesus is praised and lifted high! We are so pleased with the academic and spiritual teaching that our children are receiving at Timothy Christian School and feel blessed to be part this community of believers. We especially appreciate the family values exhibited by all, and can see the love that the teachers and administration have for the students, which is genuine, Christ-like and contagious. Many thanks to TCS and we pray God’s hand would continue to lead TCS forward in Jesus name.
— Ryan and Erin, TCS Parents

We were pleasantly surprised at how warm and welcoming Timothy Christian School was. Upon meeting with the principal, the first thing she did was pray for us. Our child is now in grade 6 and there is not a day that we regret choosing this school. It’s the best investment we’ve ever made. And if you ask our son how he feels about TCS, he’ll tell you that the teachers are kind, positive and really care about their students.
— Fariza, TCS Parent

Our daughter’s teachers were awesome. They embraced her English as a Second Language (ESL), welcomed her with the other children, and helped her feel liked she belonged as they modeled for the other children how to welcome.

That was four full years ago. Our daughter loves her school, the teachers, and most of all her friends. It is a rare day when she doesn’t want to go to school.

We are forever grateful to Timothy Christian School for welcoming our family in our uniqueness and being a space where she can be confident in who she is and as she learns.
— Karen, TCS Parent

We moved to Rexdale from Richmond Hill and joined the Timothy community in the fall of 2016. Both our children have greatly benefited from the loving and experienced teachers here; the Christ-centered learning that happens, the individual attention and care they receive and the family-feel that the children develop with each other, this being a small enough community and a family spirit being encouraged within and between grades. We appreciate the grassroots efforts that continue to mark the school; it’s a community that’s directly enriched by the time, talent and efforts of its staff and parent body. We also appreciate the space and time made for deepening literacy and inquiry and reinforcing the key elements of a sound elementary education, all while building faith and inspiring worship.
— Paul & Michelle, TCS Parents

Since our daughter started attending TCS, we have been blessed to become part of a community of believers. In the two years we have been here we have seen God do amazing things for the school as we waited on Him in prayer. Being part of the group of parents that meets to pray every Friday morning has stretched us and allowed us to grow in our faith.

We believe that TCS was founded by God for His purposes and we are blessed to be a part of what God is doing at TCS in our day. It is amazing to contemplate that we are now part of such a rich legacy of faith and prayer that began 60 years ago.

Finally, our daughter has thrived at TCS. She absolutely loves it here and has grown in confidence, in her love for learning and in her knowledge of God. Her teachers have been excellent at not just teaching academics but imparting the truths of God’s Word in the everyday classroom experience. That, for us, is priceless.
— Eyi, TCS Parent