Timothy Christian School welcomes new staff members

New TCS staff members, from left: Mr. Timothy Wang, Ms. Kathleen Knox, Mrs. Angela Bijl and Mrs. April Lansing.


Timothy Christian School (TCS) in Rexdale will welcome four new staff members this fall.

Timothy Wang joins the school as a Grade 7 teacher, Kathleen Knox takes the lead in the Grade 8 classroom on a temporary basis, and Angela Bijl and April Lansing will serve as educational assistants (EAs).

“We are thrilled to have these new additions joining our staff,” said principal Margareth Lise. “We are looking forward to an exciting school year with an expanded staff and facility.”

Located at 28 Elmhurst Drive in North Etobicoke (Rexdale), Timothy Christian School works to educate and engage students for a life of service in Christ’s kingdom.

Last year, the school added a new atrium, gymnasium and offices. The project also includes expanded kitchen facilities and a drop-off zone for families with younger children.

To inquire about registration for the fall, visit www.timothycs.com/admissions.

Timothy Wang

Mr. Wang joins TCS as a Grade 7 teacher.

He joins the school with a mix of international and local teaching experience, to a variety of age groups.

“I am excited to join TCS because being in a place of influence is an enormous privilege and responsibility,” said Mr. Wang. “I look forward to the next generation being great in the kingdom of heaven: those who are obedient to Jesus Christ and teach others to do the same (Matt 5:19).”

The world is fascinating, he said, and journeying together to discover, learn and master knowledge is a great joy.

Mr. Wang’s hobbies include reading, physical activity and games of all types. He also enjoys history, visual art and cooking.

Kathleen Knox

Ms. Knox will be taking over the Grade 8 class on a temporary basis to begin the school year.

She has spent the past six years teaching in Hong Kong and China, and is excited to join the “welcoming and supportive environment” of TCS.

“This year, I’ve really felt God call me to trust Him completely, and I’m excited to see how my trust in Him has brought me to TCS, and will continue to guide my path,” she said.

She grew up in Toronto and is excited to return home to be closer to family.

Ms. Knox loves to travel, read, journal as well as spend time with family and friends. She is looking forward to spending plenty of time outdoors now that she is back in Canada.

Angela Bijl

Mrs. Bijl joins TCS as an educational assistant in Grade 6.

“I am so excited to become part of the TCS family starting this fall,” she said. “I really love working with children and have felt God’s leading to merge my two passions for education and faith in this new role.”

Mrs. Bijl’s previous educational experience includes home schooling her four children for 15 years.

She also has experience in nursing and more recently directed an educational outreach program for vulnerable women in Rexdale.

Mrs. Bijl enjoys science, swimming, a good story and Formula 1 racing.

April Lansing

Mrs. Lansing joins TCS as an educational assistant in Grade 5.

She comes with 12 years of previous experience as an EA, working with children of various abilities.

“I’m excited to join the TCS team because I have been looking for a way to integrate my faith and my work more,” she said. “God has been getting me ready for this opportunity in many ways for my whole life.”

Mrs. Lansing has a passion for seeing children learn and grow, and enjoys sharing the wonder of discovery with them.

Alongside daily exercise and time in nature, she plays trombone, paints, and listens to a wide variety of music.


For more information, contact:

office@timothycs.com | 416-741-5770